Why a Community Board?

There are a number of facilities already set up on social media which are dedicated to Brynmawr and its surroundings, so some may ask - Why do we need a Community Board?

Social media sites such as Facebook were not really designed for visitors to be able to easily find details on specific topics that may be of interest/importance to them, and can be subjected to scrolling through many posts which they may find of no interest.

A dedicated Board can be sectionalised into specific 'forums' and 'topics'. Users can 'subscribe' to only those 'forums', or even specific 'topics' that are of interest, and in doing so can register to receive notification every time there is a post in that topic. There is no need to scroll through all the other posts to find relevant material - unless they choose to do so.

About this Board.

This Board is a totally independent facility setup up to facilitate a dialogue between members of Brynmawr community. It is not affiliated to, nor supported by, any authoritative organisation, although it is hoped that the individuals and authorities responsible for the development, safety/protection and education in the town will also use the Board - as a medium to improve the communication between themselves and the community.

It is not offered as an opportunity for individuals to just complain or criticise what is or is not happening in the town, but rather a place to share information about what is or is not going on and to be constructive with ideas, thoughts and debate about how we can improve the community for everyone.

If you would like to be part of this initiative please register on the Board (you will not be able to view the content until you do so) and have your say.

Participants will be expected to follow a few simple guidelines concerning courtesy and consideration for fellow members, and those who step outside of these will have their ability to post comments removed - see the Board Rules.

Once registered you will find that the Board is structured in such a way as to make it easy to find, read and comment on issues that most matter to you, and you are invited to put forward any constructive ideas that you feel may benefit us all.

If you have any questions about using the Board, or suggestions to improved it, there is a section for that too.

If you decide to join us WELCOME - and hopefully over time we can ensure that the town develops in the future to be a place we all enjoy and continue to be proud of.

To access the Board, click on the picture at the top of this page.

Click here for detailed instructions/assistance for using the Board