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This board was created to give Brynmawr Community a forum(s) to debate issues that affect them as individuals or as a community and officially launched on Monday 17th October 2022.

Please feel free to post any concerns, or raise issues that you would like to discuss with others in the community.

When posting, it would be useful if members give as much detail as possible surrounding the issues they are raising, and where possible accompany the comments with any supporting material, such as photographs (ideally of anyone responsible for the actions to be discussed) and suggestions of ways the community could move towards resolving the issue. Comments like 'something needs to be done' or 'the authorities don't care, or 'we need more police' are not in themselves helpful unless accompanied by suggestions of how to achieve this.

Please also bear in mind that not everyone will have the same opinions, and mindful of that please be tolerant and polite to each other - and occasions just agree to differ.

Hears hoping that as a community we can move forward to the betterment of everyone.
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